Seatt was formed in January 2018 to be a key accelerator of change

Gender inequality impacts us all – whether it is through the way we define men’s success & masculinity, the crazy underrepresentation of women in leadership, our roles in families or our incomes there are a myriad of issues each of us experience every day. For many, the off-shot of this inequality results in health and wellbeing outcomes, for all of us it effects the role we play at work, in the community and at home. Over the past century there have been huge shifts in the way we look at gender roles, however little has changed in Australia since the 1990’s, the trajectory has slowed to the degree that in 2017 for the first time it went backwards globally and worse still, Australia lags behind all of our peers.

 A Seat at The Table was founded in January 2018 with a vision to see all humans live full and rich lives, regardless of gender. We are an advocacy agency with a commitment to accelerating change around gender equality. We will focus on areas that will shift the conversation forward and speed up our trajectory towards gender equality and a healthier, more harmonious society.  As such we will focus on the areas with the slowest rate of change, the biggest gaps in equality and have the potential to provide the biggest impact. Our aim is to develop tools and platforms to enable people, organisations and Governments to take action now. We believe that Australia can be leader in gender equality feeding into healthier individuals, families and businesses – and it starts with each of us taking a seat at the table to actively address gender inequality.